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A few baseball terms for you to enjoy.

  1. A Shot: A well hit ball which falls in the outfield gapes for a no play from the fielders
  2. Ball looked like a watermelon coming in: High fast ball pitch, usually swung at and missed
  3. Baltimore Chop: Ball hit in front of the plate that takes a high hop over the infielders
  4. Bang bang: A quick play for the out
  5. Big Fly: A home run over the fence
  6. Birddog : A baseball scout who is not officially affiliated with any team
  7. Bench warmer: (other phases; riding pine, getting splinters, sitting out) player who spends a lot of time in the dugout
  8. Bleacher coach: parents and/or spectators who think they know what's best for the team
  9. Blooper: Short pop fly just over the infielders, (my term is a Texas Lawn Dart or just Lawn Dart) this kind of hitting will win games every time but is not used much cause everybody loves a homerun hit
  10. Bringing it: A pitcher throwing smoke otherwise fastballs
  11. Brush back: High and tight inside pitch; first pitch to a batter if you crowd the plate on my pitcher
  12. Buckled his knee's: A pitch that moved the batter back
  13. Can of corn: A fly ball that is easy for a player to catch; usually refers to a fly ball to the outfield, but can also be used for an infield pop up. (old school term)
  14. Cannon: Strong arm, also referred to as a gun
  15. Cleat chaser: Female fan that wants more than an autograph from a ball player
  16. Cheese: Fast Pitch
  17. Chin music: A pitch high aims tight right under the batters chin
  18. Cycle: The act of hitting a single, double, triple and home run in the same game
  19. Digging in: What a batter does when entering the batters box
  20. Dying Quail: Weakly hit ball
  21. Dinger: A home run or the impression of a baseball on the hood of your vehicle
  22. Dirt Dipper: Someone who places the dirt from a baseball infield in his mouth
  23. Dirty: Tough to hit pitch
  24. Dogging it: A player being lazy
  25. Double header: 2 games played in back to back 
  26. Double Play: Defense making two outs with one batted ball typically
  27. Down Town: Where homers go to die
  28. Dust 'em off : What a pitcher does to a batter who squeezes the plate ... usually a fast ball up and in ... to intimidate the batter and set up the outside pitch
  29. Deuce: Curve Ball
  30. Eat It: Commonly use when there is no play to be made. Should only be used when you botch an easy play
  31. Fanned: Swinging strike out
  32. Filthy: A pitch that has just gone way beyond 'nasty' ... usually involves embarrassing the batter
  33. Gapers: A Ball hit in the gaps between outfielders
  34. Gleek or gleeking: Unique way of spitting
  35. GLM: Good looking Mom (my favorite one)
  36. Going yard: A home run batted ball
  37. Grand Slam: A bases loaded batted homerun hit by the batter scoring 4 runs
  38. Gun: Strong arm, also referred to as a cannon
  39. Hammer: Curve Ball
  40. Handcuffed: Inside pitch
  41. Hanger: A curve ball that doesn't break
  42. Hang One: When a pitcher throws an off-speed pitch that doesn't move and is up and over the plate, ... often results in a Home Run
  43. He Can Rake: He Can Hit
  44. Heater: Fast Ball
  45. Hit the showers: Pulled from the game and going to the locker room
  46. Hole Shot: A ball hit in a gap between any two outfields
  47. Hook: Curve Ball
  48. Horseshoe: Area signed by players on baseball
  49. Hot Corner: Third Base
  50. Homer: (1) A batted ball that flies over the fence in fair territory, or; (2) An umpire whose calls tend to favor the home team
  51. Hotdog: A player who shows off
  52. In-the-Hole: A ball hit between 2 fielders, also Hitting The Gaps
  53. In the zone: Everything is coming together for a player or team
  54. Jacked: Home Run
  55. Jump on the ball: What batters do to hanging pitches
  56. Laser beam: A fastball
  57. Lawn Dart: Short pop fly just over the infielders that dies without rolling to the outfielder.
  58. Leather: Baseball glove
  59. Meatball: A pitcher that throws easy to hit baseballs
  60. Money: A player who makes the big plays
  61. Nasty pitch: Pitch with unusual movement, may also be called dirty or filthy
  62. No-no: No Hitter
  63. Not Afraid of Doing His Laundry: Any player that will dive for the ball to make the play
  64. Out of Gas: A pitcher that is used up or tried
  65. Painting the black: A pitch on the edge of the plate for a strikes now called Rembrandt
  66. Pea rod: Travel of the ball in a straight line
  67. Pick: The act of an infielder cleanly fielding a ground ball
  68. Punch & judy: Singles hitter
  69. Punched out: Strike out looking
  70. Rabbit ears: Listens to bench jockeys
  71. Referee : What a parent calls an ump when they've been watching way too much football ... or if they just want to piss off the ump
  72. Real Deal: This player can play
  73. Rembrandt: A pitcher who paints with beauty both sides of the corners of the plate catching the batters looking for strike outs
  74. Rope: A hard hit line drive (which too often results in a multiple base hit)
  75. Round Tripper: A home Run
  76. Routine: Which means an easy play ie that was a routine fly. Request by JO
  77. Seeing eye single: Hit ball through a gap but not hit hard
  78. Shoe string catch: Ball caught just before hitting the ground
  79. Snow cone: A ball caught in the tip of the webbing
  80. Spitter: A pitch with a foreign substance
  81. Squeezing the pitcher: What umpires do to pitchers with bad attitudes ... shrink the strike zone
  82. Squeezing the plate: A batter moves up onto the plate to either reach the outside corner of an expanded strike zone or trying to intimidate the pitcher. A confident pitcher will usually come back and throw Chin music
  83. Stick: Baseball Bat (preferably wooden)
  84. Stick It In Your Pocket: Routine play the fielder botched up. Newer term used Eat It
  85. Strike: A pitch that a batter swings at or a pitch that the umpire feels crosses the strike zone in the right spot
  86. Stud: Players want a be thoughts
  87. Sunday Hop: Easy Ground ball that bounces up to the infielder
  88. Table is set: Bases loaded
  89. Tattoo the ball: A monster hit ... not necessarily a HR, but hit really hard, i.e., leaving an 'impression' on the ball
  90. Texas Leaguer or Lawn Dart: Blooper, Short pop fly just over the infielders that dies without rolling to the outfielder.
  91. That ball had hair on it: (Exact meaning unclear) but usually a hot grounder
  92. Throwing gas: A pitcher who is throwing fast balls
  93. Throwing BB's: A pitcher who's pitches are hard to see they are moving so fast with a quick release typically
  94. TJ Surgery: Elbow ligament reconstruction surgery named after ML Pitcher Tommy John
  95. Tossed: Getting thrown out of a game or area of play (been close to it but never actually experienced this) and it happens after some interaction with the umpire
  96. Track Star: Parent of player pacing nervously
  97. Triple Play: Defense making three outs with one batted ball typically.
  98. Turn It Up The Middle: Looking for the double play to 2nd base then 1st base for a double play
  99. 'Tweener: A Ball hit in-between the infielders and outfielders
  100. Twin-nighter: 2 games in a row played at night
  101. Uncle Charley: Curve
  102. Unhitch his ice wagon: which means he can't run fast. Also Unhitch any trailer is used a lot.  Request by JO
  103. Uni: Short for Uniform
  104. Utility player: This guy may be a bench warmer or an all star player according to his abilities to play multiple positions on the field
  105. Wave at the ball: What batters do when they swing at a Filthy curve ball.
  106. Web Gem: Great plays highlighted on ESPN and now any great play that would be a web gem if ESPN were there.
  107. Wheels, rabbit: Fast runner
  108. Whiffed: A swinging strike out
  109. Wood: A bat made of wood. We use the term Woody.



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